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Councillor René Peters (Public Health, Inclusive Society) was present today at the launch of the Healthy Day Out! card. The card is an initiative of Samen Gezond Simply, part of Hoeksche Waard Actief and can be found on their website. Councillor Peters said: “I hope that many residents and visitors of Hoeksche Waard will use the card and enjoy a fun and healthy day out here on the island this summer.”

Local Council Member Receives First Copy

A day out is often accompanied by unhealthy choices when it comes to food and snacks, for example. A Healthy Day Out! map shows that a day out can also be healthy, simply in Hoeksche Waard. In terms of exercise, fresh air and social contacts combined with healthy food. The map inspires residents and visitors of our municipality to get out and discover the sights or enjoy walking, cycling and playing in nature. Specially developed exercise trails visit all seven public water taps and ten rest points on our island. The inclusion trail is new and a welcome addition to the range of exercise trails, which are accessible to everyone. Councillor René Peters received the first edition of the Healthy Day Out! card from the Health Manager of Hoeksche Waard Actief.

Healthy Snacks and Lunch Dishes

Part of the Day Out project also involves involving entrepreneurs in this great initiative. For example, the councillor presented a Samen Bewust Ondernemen voucher to the lunchroom at De Waterstal. With this voucher, De Waterstal shows its commitment to a healthy lifestyle by offering healthy snacks and lunch dishes. You can find more conscious entrepreneurs together on the Healthy Day Out! card.

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“Exercise and a healthy diet are important to keep fit and energetic, for young and old. On a day out, exercise is often not the challenge, but nutrition is. We all notice that an unhealthy snack is eaten in a short time. It is nice to see that in Hoeksche Waard you can combine these fun activities with healthy and, above all, delicious food. And it is good that business people are increasingly committed to this. I hope that many residents and visitors of Hoeksche Waard will use the card and enjoy a fun and healthy day here on the island this summer,” said Alderman Peters.

More information about the map

a look at Active Hoeksche Waard site.

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