Teach Mutant a lesson in Blaster Master Zero on Xbox at

Are you ready to teach mutant scum a lesson they will never forget? Blaster Master Zero is here and ready to trade with him the most retro Deals on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

Blaster Master Zero is currently available for purchase and download on the Xbox Store, and is now available for Microsoft’s top-of-the-line console after several years of playing Nintendo 3DS, Switch, PC, and PS4. With release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, it’s time for Xbox gamers to step back into the golden age of the NES.

For £8.99, the Blaster Master Zero was taken from the original Blaster Master from 1988, before the INTI CREATES team added a host of additional features and extras. With its launch on Xbox, this means that Blaster Master Zero will include additional regions and bosses, along with a host of additional weapons, enhanced exploration mechanics, and more.

Player mode is also available for those who can play with a friend via local co-op, which means those who really want to take him on a mutant scum can do so with their buddy too.

If it’s a fantasy to take down big bosses and enjoy a 2D action adventure that was originally created decades ago, you can find Blaster Master Zero download at Xbox winkle For Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

Go give it a chance. We’ll also be dropping some review ideas at some point.

Game description:

Mutant scum never learns! Blaster Master Zero is a top-down action adventure game with a 2D side view in 8-bit style that listens to the golden age of the NES. This game was created using the original 1988 Sunsoft title “Blaster Master” as the base, adding new regions and bosses, new gameplay elements such as additional sub-weapons, improved gameplay, more powerful scenario, polished exploration and expanded mechanics, and more.

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