Team Love Island South Africa is making a big splash

Love island It is incredibly popular. After the premiere in United kingdom, The concept has been sold to the United States, Germany and of course Netherlands and Belgium. This year will be the first time Love Island, South Africa , Of which Love island-Candidates It was announced at the end of last week. And that is provided that is necessary CashWrites Watchman.

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Kandidaten Love Island South Africa

Love Island, South Africa Know since then Candidates announced to make headlines. Unfortunately not in a positive sense. The new season of the show turned out to be absolutely nothing Realistic view of South Africa Show. For example, the participants are mainly made up of white candidates, and only one black woman in ten takes part in the reality show. A painful conclusion.

Seeing the candidates is just a good idea Inhabitants of South Africa the weather. From Prepare It shows eighty percent of the population African black While only 7.9 percent of the population Intelligence is being. Something in Love Island, South Africa Never see him again. For this reason, nobody Main sponsors From the program, The LottoStar lottery, To pull.

Apartheid in South Africa

Immediately think of racism That was not formally resolved until 1994. Today, after 26 years, we are out of casting Love Island SA at least Misplaced. a Columnist Dependent City Press He writes, “It is incomprehensible that the cast is no longer so diverse In a country where Effects of Apartheid It can still be felt and seen. “

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Independent TV critics, too Thanos Ferrara Shocked by the candidates. “The program should be at least it The Reality of South Africa Should appear. “ The creators of the program, M-NetAnd the Local media reported that the viewership in the episodes is more diversity Love island-Candidates (Who will arrive later, editor). Although you might be wondering why it wasn’t done in the first place.

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