Tech: Nacon accessories revealed during Nacon Connect

While Nacon Connect In addition to various games, accessories from Nacon were also shown. New accessories for the Xbox series, PlayStation 5 and PC have been revealed with explanation from Yannick Allaert.

Yannick Allaert, Head of Accessories at Nacon, revealed new accessories for Xbox and PlayStation 5 at Nacon Connect. The trailer below shows the NACON Revolution X Pro console for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Revolution X has a wide range of manual and software tuning options and Dolby Atmos support for headphones. The NACON MG-X series also passed. These are the MG-X and MG-X Pro smartphone controllers designed specifically for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. The controllers are compatible with all Android smartphones up to 6.7 inches and will be released in Europe and America this fall. The RIG team also gave an exclusive first look at their new headphones, the RIG 500 PRO HS GEN 2 and RIG 400 HS for the PlayStation 5. More details will be shared soon. RIG is also adding a streaming microphone for the PlayStation 5, the RIG 200 HS Steam Mic, which is currently in development. This microphone features a metallic finish and technology specifically adapted for audio recording and broadcasting on PlayStation 5. Finally, Allaert and the rest of the NACON teams announced that a new Daija Arcade Stick is in development for PlayStation. 5. Already available for PlayStation 4 and developed in collaboration with professional gamer Marie-Laure ‘Kayane’ Norindr. The joystick has been praised by gamers for its ergonomic design and SANWA components. NACON now comes with a new and improved version of the arcade stick for the PlayStation 5.

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NACON Revolution X Pro Controller will be released in the fall of 2021.

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