It does not rain evenly often everywhere in our country. How did this happen?

Although our country is not large, it still rains and thunders in some places much more than in others. This is confirmed by Dehenau, and with him the maps of the Republic of the Marshall Islands which show clear differences. For example, the highlands rain noticeably and thus thunderstorms also fall.

“Altitude is the main reason for this, because a cloud is made up of warm air rising on the ground, which cools at height, condenses and forms a cloud,” Dehenau explains. “If you have two sides on a hill, the air rises faster on both sides, and they meet at the top of the hill. As a result, more rain falls in the higher areas. It also rains more in the Bualon region and the Simoa Valley.”

There are obvious local differences in Flanders. “Thunderstorm hours are lowest in Westhoek. This is because there is less rainfall there, but also because thunderstorms often blow from the French interior in the summer half of the year. Winds often come from the southwest, so that the storm moves more to the central and eastern part from our country.”