“Ted Lasso”, from the extraordinary beginning to the planned end

For example, did you know that the entire series is based on a little Commercials? In 2012, the American channel NBC began broadcasting football matches from the English Premier League. To promote it, a commercial was played in it Jason Sudeikis He played Ted Lasso, an American soccer coach who came to coach Tottenham Hotspur (the real one). He was utterly incompetent, loud, brutal, and quintessentially American. The genre was very popular and another commercial in the same style appeared a year later, but Jason Sudeikis didn’t like it very much.

He believed that the character of Ted Lasso deserved better. In advertising, it was not more than one Foolish flop – Sudeikis wanted to put him in a better light. Thus was born the idea to develop a series in which Lasso is still a bit ignorant American, but he has a kind heart and knows how to motivate and motivate everyone around him. Inspires. Sudeikis toyed with the idea for a long time, but not until he became showrunner years later Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs,” “Cougartown”) The series is really starting to take shape.

Incidentally, the first photo you see of Ted Lasso in the series was a nod to Sudeikis’ background as a sketch actor in ‘Saturday Night LiveYou see a video of a lasso passionately doing a dance with his soccer team and he first showed this dance back when he was still working on the sketch program, in the clip “What Up With That?”. According to the actor, it was the same dance he did When he was 15 years old, he entertained his teammates on the basketball team.

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Writing, acting and singing

One of the stars of “Ted Lasso” is Brett Goldsteinfor his portrayal of the secondary character Roy Kent He has already won an Emmy Award twice. Goldstein usually works as a stand-up comedian, but is also often involved in writing films and series. He also had small acting roles in series such as Derek. He was initially recruited to co-write “Ted Lasso”, but while writing that series, he became so attached to the character Roy Kent that he decided to audition for the part.

Goldstein sent one Test video Even Bill Lawrence said, “If it’s embarrassing, you can pretend you never got that email.” The risk paid off, and Goldstein got the character he wrote himself. “I do my best not to give Roy preferential treatment at the writing desk,” he said in interviews, “I love all of the characters.” “But sometimes I still feel like I have to protect him.”

In a memorable episode, the football team goes with the principal Rebecca Karaoke singing. No problem in that Hannah WaddinghamA talented actress in London’s West End, Disney was initially displeased with the use of the song’let it goIt wasn’t until they saw the canned scene that they gave the go-ahead to use the song. For confirmation, backup was played in which she sings “I Will Survive.” The story is based on true events. Sudeikis told Bustle in an interview that he came up with the scene after hearing that Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool FC started singing karaoke with the whole team.

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The third and last?

The creators of “Ted Lasso” did not expect this series to be so successful. At first it was just there Three seasons a plan. Now that Season 3 has been released, many fans are wondering if this will actually be the last season. Unfortunately, it seems so now. Jason Sudeikis is reportedly not planning on separating from his family in the US for years to come so he can film in the UK. “that’s it end From the story we wanted to tell. It’s very interesting for people to be curious about what’s going to happen after the third season – which they haven’t seen yet -,” Sudeikis said. “Maybe after another 12 episodes they’ll have enough.”

But there is also a glimmer of hope, because the makers are keeping the door open. A few of the season 3 premiere cast members dropped that they are open to spin offAlso, maybe next season without Ted. On the other hand, Goldstein joked about his alleged thoughts. “The problem is that in season three, five of the main characters die, so my plan for season four is for Ted to return as a ghost. We call the series Ghost Ted. He roams the hallways to inspire us. Jason is still thinking about it,” he laughed.

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