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Wildfires burning since August 15 have “settled” in the north-east of the Spanish island of Tenerife. This was announced by the leader of the regional government, Fernando Clavijo, during a press conference on Thursday.

“We can now say that the fire has stabilized, which is excellent news,” Clavigo said.

The prime minister explained that the emergency services believed that they had reached the stage of “control and elimination” and if the perimeter was not expanded after 48 hours, then we can talk about stability.

Clavig also warns that “this does not mean that there can be no return of the disease.” “All resources have been deployed within a 90-kilometer perimeter for immediate response if there is a resurgence.”

Early on Wednesday, thousands of people who had to leave their homes due to bushfires were able to return home.


The fire destroyed a circumference of about 90 kilometers in nine days, or about 15,000 hectares. This is the worst forest fire since the beginning of the year in Spain, but fortunately there were no injuries. Clavijo also spoke on Wednesday of one of the worst fires in the past 40 years. Meanwhile it also became clear that a fire had started.

The fire destroyed seven percent of the island of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands with a total area of ​​203,400 square kilometres.

And in 2022, 300,000 hectares of vegetation will already be destroyed in 500 fires in Spain, which is a sad record for Europe.

According to experts, extreme weather events have increased in recent years due to global warming. As a result, there are often longer and more intense heat waves and periods of drought. Spain is already facing a fourth heat wave this summer.

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look. Already 8400 hectares of nature in Tenerife affected by forest fires

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