Texas builds a military base on the border with Mexico: The governor wants to address the “influx of illegal immigrants” | outside

Texas will build a military base on the border with Mexico. This was announced by the governor of this American state on Friday. Immigration is an important topic in the US presidential election.

look. Greg Abbott: “The base will accommodate 1,800 soldiers.”

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott made the announcement on Friday in Eagle Pass, on a roughly 32-hectare site where the military base will be located. It will be located on the banks of the Rio Grande. As of April, the base will have a capacity of 300 soldiers.

“This will strengthen Texas’ military capabilities in Eagle Pass to more effectively address the influx of illegal immigrants,” the governor said. According to Abbott, the base will eventually have 1,800 troops.

Abbott, who supports former President Donald Trump, accuses the Biden administration of allowing an “invasion” of illegal immigrants on the southern US border and failing to act against criminal gangs, which Abbott says control the border on the Mexican side.

Border control in the United States is a federal responsibility. However, Abbott also had nearly 160 kilometers of razor wire installed along the Rio Grande, a measure that the Biden administration successfully objected to.

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