The already stranded micro boat is a big dream

British Andrew Bedwell’s big dream is to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 1 meter long micro boat. We wrote about this earlier on On Saturday, May 28, Bedwell began his long-awaited adventure. wanted to be with Big C Traveled 1900 miles from Canada to England and set a world record. Unfortunately, he had to return to port shortly after departure and that’s where his dream was shattered.

Big C She was taken out of the water when she returned to the frame as she was full of water, but she fell and suffered irreparable damage as a result. On Bedwell’s Facebook page he writes the following message: “After two years, countless hours and God knows how much money – the dream of crossing the Atlantic Big C Not anymore. We took off, but on the first day I noticed a small leak. Just to be sure, I went back to check. During the night the boat took on more water, and when we got her out the ropes cut, and the boat capsized, causing great damage. I am destroyed. I expected to get her out, sort out the problem and then go from there or take her back to England. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible. “


He continues his message: “There are so many people who have helped, sponsored and encouraged me and I feel so terrible – I feel like I let you all down. Now I have to go home and process what happened. Thank you so much for your support, I can’t apologize again. I leave you with a quote from my wife. : ‘It’s better to see you upset than to watch a video of you crying because you’re not coming home’.

Everything was perfect on the day of departure

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