Konami releases a bad trailer for Silent Hill Ascension

Konami has released a new trailer for Silent Hil Ascension, the interactive broadcast series that launches this year. It is currently unknown on which platforms the series will come, although the first images are alarming.

Silent Hill: Ascension follows several main characters in locations around the world. They are hunted by monsters, which consume not only the characters themselves, but also their children and even entire cities. As the heroes come face to face with their guilt and fears, they must escape from the monsters of darkness.

whether this works? It depends on you and millions of other viewers. Which character will survive the entire series? Which character will actually go down in the first episode? Even the creators of the series don’t know. The fate of the characters is in the hands of the audience.

Or will it be a fun experience? It remains to be seen… Such projects often contain many trolls, who often choose the most disastrous ending. So it is doubtful that you will see the ending you want to see. Although, of course, it is something different from the classic series.

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