The amphibious training of Ukrainian soldiers in the United Kingdom has ended news item

News Item | 11-08-2023 | 13:51

Nearly 1,000 Ukrainian sailors are returning to their home country after more than six months of aquatic training in the United Kingdom. They were closely monitored by the British and Dutch navies. The Ukrainian navy will now use that knowledge and experience in the fight against the Russian aggressors.

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A total of 80 to 85 Dutch sailors were involved in training the Ukrainians. They imparted knowledge in the field of aquatic activities, among others. This includes going ashore from small (inflatable) boats and carrying out further activities there.

The Ukrainians were trained in the use of anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft missiles, mortars, etc. They continued to learn Drones Used for surveying and throwing obstacles. All the equipment they have been working with in the last six months is part of various support packages donated by several countries.

The group of Ukrainians was a diverse group. It involved both inexperienced civilians and soldiers from different parts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Some of them had already fought on the battlefield.

Operation Interflex

The amphibious exercise was an adjunct to Operation Interflex. Ukrainians receive basic military training from international partners in 5 weeks. The Netherlands has been contributing since its inception with around 90 instructors from the Army and Marine Corps in July last year. Since the beginning of the operation, more than 20,000 Ukrainians have been trained.

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