‘The animal is not left alone’

The walrus, which had been roaming in northern European waters since late last year, was killed by Norwegian authorities. The Norwegians decided to kill the animals because people kept too little distance and this created dangerous situations.

A Norwegian newspaper reported that the walrus, which weighed about 600 kilograms, died this morning. The Verdens Gang. Norwegian authorities have previously announced that people will kill animals if they keep their distance too close.

Children threw stones and sticks at the walrus

Recently, many dangerous situations have arisen in which people are at risk of being attacked. “People got very close to the animal and some carried the boy to take selfies. Incidents of children throwing stones and sticks are also known,” said Norwegian Fisheries Director Frank Bakke-Jensen.

According to Bakke-Jensen, the walrus’s health, named Freya, has been deteriorating recently. For example, the animal slept very little, so she drowned when she boarded several small boats to rest. She is also said to attack small animals.

According to the director, the authorities would have resorted to euthanasia as the walrus was too difficult to move. This made it difficult to anesthetize the animal.

Exactly how Freya was killed is not revealed. It’s done in an animal-friendly way, says Bucke-Jensen. Walrus has been handed over to veterinarians so they can examine her.

Freya also appeared in the Netherlands

Freya appeared in Dutch waters late last year. The animal was seen near Den Helder, Harlingen and Shearmonikook. Then many people shared the photos on social media. Before Freya arrived, a walrus was last seen in the Netherlands 23 years ago.

Freya has also been spotted in Danish waters, Germany and the United Kingdom. Since last June, Freya has been regularly spotted in the waters around Norway’s capital, Oslo.

Walruses usually swim in cold northern seas. They occur in areas near Greenland or Siberia, but usually do not leave the Arctic. That’s why it’s remarkable that this walrus chose the Dutch coast.

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