The black bear “Hank The Tank” causes huge inconvenience, but the police can’t catch it

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The huge black bear has been a nuisance in a residential area in California for months. He broke into and stole food and grew into a huge animal. But all attempts to stop the bear have already failed.

sourceThe New York Times

He’s broken into homes at least 28 times. He has already made more than 100 calls to the emergency center. The black bear, nicknamed Hank The Tank by the locals, is unstoppable. Since last summer, Hank has been roaming South Lake Tahoe in the US state of California, looking for food in the homes there. “Finding leftover pizza is easier than going into the woods,” said Peter Terra, a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. So far, no one has been able to stop Hank. The local administration and police have already tried various techniques, such as paintballs, bean bags, sirens and electric lightning bolts, but nothing seems to stop it.

Hank broke into garages, doors, windows, and gates. So he is not an ordinary bear. By consuming surplus human food, Hank gained a lot of weight. The average black bear’s weight, depending on gender and location, is around 55 to 225 pounds. Hank will be close to 225 and therefore “exceptionally large”.

Because the locals are tired of being bothered, a new plan is being drawn up. They want to arrest him and perhaps euthanize him. “If we move it, the problem will be gone,” said Tera. Also, the shelters will be full and they can’t take Hank with them. “This bear has lost its fear of humans. This is a potentially dangerous situation.”

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However, many locals are against the plan. They are unhappy with Hank’s damage, but want the bear to be treated with respect.


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