The Board of Directors wants to translate the established policy into concrete actions. Participate in discussions about health

The municipality of Steenwijkerland invites residents and organizations to discuss the development of health policy in Steenwijkerland.

The City Council adopted the policy Tuesday evening. Chancellor Trigen Jungmann: “Now it’s time for the next step and it’s very concrete: How are we going to put the policy into practice? What’s already happening, what should we do more or differently and who can play a role in that? We want to work on that together. Talk “Think and above all share, because health is what matters to all of us.”

What do we consider important when it comes to health? What are the priorities in the coming years? This is the outline of Steenwijkerland’s health policy for the years 2023-2026, on which residents and organizations can have their say. During two meetings in October and November, the Council wants to further develop the policy into concrete actions.

The first meeting to discuss the topic of health further will be on October 11 at MFC Dalzicht in Oldemarkt. The sequel is scheduled for November 8. Those interested can register via the municipality’s website Register for both (preferred) or both meetings. More information about the applicable health policy can also be found on the aforementioned website.

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