UB40 brings Ali Campbell to Ziggo Dome next year | Displays

UB40 featuring Ali Campbell will perform in concert at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome on Tuesday 2 April 2024, as part of The Hits Tour. Concert organizer MOJO announced this on Tuesday.

The tour will feature the biggest hits of the hit reggae band from the UK. This month marks forty years since the album’s release Labor of love He came out, with strikes like Cherry, baby, Many rivers to cross And Red red wine. Tickets for the concert go on sale on Friday, September 22 at 10am.

It was previously announced that another group UB40 will also perform again in the Netherlands, on 1 December this year at Ahoy in Rotterdam and on 29 November next year at the Ziggo Dome. Since original singer Ali Campbell and his old bandmates fell out, there have been two versions of the reggae band, both of which still perform regularly. UB40 also includes original members Jimmy Brown, Earl Falconer and Robin Campbell, Ali’s brother.

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Watch videos of the show and entertainment below:

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