The bodies of the missing Palestinian girl Hind Rajab (6 years old) were found and the rescue team that went to search for her

This morning, the bodies of Hind and five other family members were found inside a car at a gas station in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood in Gaza City. Bahaa Hamada, Hind’s grandfather, told Agence France-Presse: “Hind and everyone in that car were killed.” He said: “Their relatives found their bodies when they went to look for the car.”

On Monday, January 29, Hind, her uncle, aunt, and cousins ​​fled Gaza City on orders from the Israeli army. Since then there has been no trace of the girl. The family is said to have encountered Israeli tanks along the road, which opened fire on their car. Hind’s niece, Layan Hamada, fifteen years old, was able to call the Palestinian Red Crescent, but the phone call was suddenly interrupted by gunfire and screaming.

Hind was still alive when the Palestine Red Crescent Society was able to contact her. The family members who were in the car were killed. In audio clips of the phone call between the frightened Hind and the Palestine Red Crescent Society’s helpline, she can be heard hiding alone in the car for hours while emergency workers on the other end of the line tried to calm her down.

Audio clips of the phone conversation between the six-year-old girl and her Palestine Red Crescent Society caregivers were widely shared on social media under the hashtag #WhereisHind? And #Save_India.

The Red Crescent sent two rescuers to the area – after the approval of the Israeli authorities – to search for her, but they disappeared like Hind.

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