The British government is using facial recognition illegally

An independent inquiry calls on the UK to stop using real-time face recognition. The report said police forces were operating illegally.

Real-time face recognition is increasingly used by UK police forces, retail outlets and schools. One step New research Its use is illegal.

The report comes from Matthew Ryder, a lawyer and former deputy mayor of London. Ryder studied British law and decided that the government should stop real-time face recognition in public places.

“The use of current real-time facial recognition is not legal. That fact must be taken into account. ”

Biometrics and facial recognition

Facial recognition is a biometric technology. Biometrics is related to a person’s behavior or body. Think about facial expressions, fingerprints, DNA and iris scans.

Biometric data is not only used to identify individuals. Some applications determine people’s behavior based on biometric data. For example, a video camera that assesses whether a pedestrian is ‘aggressive’ or ‘quiet’.

“Face recognition is just one example, but certainly not the whole problem,” Kind added. “We are concerned about the extent to which companies and governments use biometrics to evaluate individuals.”

Facial recognition in the Netherlands

The use of biometric data is an important issue. The Dutch police work with the c, a facial recognition tool for locating suspects. This means that the Netherlands also uses facial recognition.

C is different from UK research stumble software. Recognize c faces based on photos and video recordings. First you take a photo or record and then upload the image to the software. Real-time facial recognition tools require no photos or recordings. Camera images are immediately analyzed.

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Real-time face recognition is banned in the EU. European Commission a New AI regulation The rules need to be further tightened. ‘Normal’ facial recognition is legal. Not everyone is happy about it.

Civil Rights Organization Drops of freedom C recently wrote that programs like c are damaging privacy as well as real-time facial recognition. After all, cloud technology makes it possible to analyze images from cameras remotely at lightning speed. It may not be real-time, but it is definitely closer.

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