The British government wants to put some asylum seekers on a plane to Rwanda

This measure is part of a larger plan against illegal immigration proposed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson this afternoon. He says he wants to tackle the growing illegal immigration with people smugglers across the Channel in order to protect legal immigration into the UK. That is why Johnson wants to use the British Navy to prevent boats carrying illegal immigrants from reaching the British coast.

According to Johnson, anyone who manages to reach the UK “competently and humanely” should be returned to their country of origin or to a “safe third country”. Rwanda is the first country with which London has signed an agreement to receive asylum seekers, but according to Johnson, other countries will follow. Previous attempts to reach a similar agreement with Albania and Ghana failed.

Asylum seekers who have been deported to Rwanda will be “encouraged” to remain there if their asylum application is approved. According to the British government, Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and also has experience in hosting refugees. Johnson admits: “I am convinced that the risk of it ending up in Rwanda rather than the UK will prove to be a significant deterrent.”

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