The doctor who treated Russian opposition leader Navalny died suddenly

“Maximichin knows better than anyone about Alexei, so I don’t dare to rule out the possibility of tampering,” Leonid Volkov, an aide to Navalny, said on Thursday. CNN. Maximsgen was one of the main doctors at the Omsk Hospital, where Nafalny ended up being poisoned last August after being poisoned by the nerve poison Novichok.

According to Volkov, Maximation was in charge of the team that was the leader of the opposition He successfully fell into a coma last August, so that he could later be transferred from Omsk to Berlin for further treatment. On Tuesday, Navalny was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for violating parole agreements while in Germany.

Maximissigen never spoke to the press during Navalny’s treatment. This task was assigned to Alexander Murachovsky, who was still chief physician at Omsk Hospital in August, but has since been promoted to Minister of Health Care of the same district. He said in August that Navalny’s poisoning was an unfortunate turn of events – he was simply unlucky to drink from a poorly produced plastic cup.

In a statement, Murachowski himself announced, on Wednesday, that the deceased doctor Maximsgin had worked in the hospital for 28 years and saved thousands of lives in this capacity. “We will miss Dr. Maxemisgen very much. He left too early so the pain of this loss is greater.”

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