The European Union has overestimated its climate spending by more than €70 billion | News

According to a new report from the European Court of Auditors, the European Union has missed its target of spending at least 20% of its budget on climate action in the 2014-2020 budget period. In fact, climate spending was around 13 percent, although the Commission has stated that the target level of ambition has been met. In this way, spending on climate has been overestimated by at least 72 billion euros.

During the audit, court auditors found that the reported expenditures may have been incurred, but did not necessarily fall under the heading of climate action.

Instead of €216 billion, the EU has spent up to a maximum of €144 billion on climate policy under the multi-year budget.

Climate spending is overstated, particularly in agricultural policy financing: Nearly 60 billion euros

Because the shortcomings of the reports are so great, the court generally invokes them Untrustworthy† In some cases, expenditures are climate related, but the projects they support have little or no climate impact.

This concerns, for example, infrastructure in rural areas. In other cases, potential negative effects, such as carbon emissions, are not taken into account.

“Tackling climate change is a top priority for the European Union, which has set itself ambitious climate and energy goals,” said Joëlle Elvinger, who led the study for De Rekenamer. “We make a number of recommendations to better link EU spending with its climate and energy targets. For example, we recommend that the Commission The importance of climate for agricultural finance You must prove it.”

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