The Fallen Sun gives you a glimpse into Idris Elba’s James Bond

Idris Elba did not become the new 007, but in the spin-off movie of LutherThe series, which is now on Netflix, has something like Bond.

Rufus Cain

Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Morse, Miss Marple: The British have a long history of brilliant and tenacious detectives. From 2010 to 2019 there was also John Luther, played by Idris Elba. Not only did this detective argue with his superiors, but he himself regularly broke the law to catch crooks.

The series ended after five seasons, but now a full movie about this haunted detective has been on Netflix since March 10: Luther: Fallen Sun. At the start of this more than two-hour movie, Luther himself is in jail. Not a big surprise to those who watched the series.

But then a new serial cybercriminal (Andy Serkis) appears in London. There seems to be a connection between this big criminal and Luther and the detective decides he should be the one to stop the killer.

I try to stay one step ahead of the police

Luther escapes from prison and emerges with a situation no stranger to fans of the series: Luther must not only catch the bad guy, but also stay one step ahead of the police. Before he knows it, the hunt for him is as frantic as a killer.

Design-wise, it feels like a very long episode of the series, although the movie is not only set in the UK but internationally, making it a bit like a James Bond movie. Fittingly, as Elba seemed long in the running to become the next Bond.

Fans who were disappointed when he didn’t become the new 007 can now get a glimpse of what he could have been.

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