The first banknotes depicting Charles III will be in circulation from mid-2024.

The first banknotes depicting King Charles III will be in circulation in the United Kingdom from mid-2024. But the Bank of England says the portrait will not be unveiled until later this year.

A portrait of the monarch will appear on four polymer paper banknotes of £5, £10, £20 and £50, according to a press release issued a week after Elizabeth II’s funeral. Also reads “There will be no further adjustment”.

Banknotes depicting Elizabeth II will remain in circulation until they are damaged “to reduce the environmental and financial impact of the transition to the throne”. According to the Bank of England, this is done at the request of the royal family.

Buckingham Palace unveiled King Charles’ official monogram on Monday night. The logo will appear on government buildings, official documents and mailboxes. Under Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth II Regina’s monogram was ‘EIIR’ (Queen in Latin, red.). With Charles it becomes ‘CIIR’ for Charles III Rex (King in Latin, red.).

It was announced on Monday evening that four stamps featuring Queen Elizabeth will be released. The stamps will go into circulation on November 10 and feature four portraits of Elizabeth from different stages of her life.

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