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MovieAfter five successful seasons on TV, the comedy series “De Zonen van Van As” will have a second life in cinemas from December 7 with the full-length movie “De Zonen van Van As – De Cross”.

In addition to paterfamilias Jaak Van Assche, the entire main cast is present for the film: Carry Goossens, Ben Segers, Peter Van den Eede, Peter Thyssen, Rilke Eyckermans, Tania Kloek, Jonas Van Geel, Wouter Bruneel and Maaike Cafmeyer.

In addition, many other names appear, including Camellia Blero, Luke Wiens, Vincent Van Sandy, Carlos Schramm, Dan Hogart, and Jacob Becks.

Singer Sam Gooris, cyclists Tom Meeusen, Erwin Vervecken and Niels Albert, cyclists Bart Wellens and Laurens Sweeck and Michael Vanthourenhout, sports commentators Paul Herygers and Michel Wuyts provide cute cameos in the film.

the story

After suffering a stroke, the now aging founder Frans Van As (Jack van Asch) is forced to take it easy and transfer “Van As NV Land and Demolition Works” once and for all to granddaughter Linde (Rilke Eyckermans) and husband Dick (Ben Segers). They grow well and will soon be the local main sponsor of the prestigious cyclocross. When a fire the day before the event causes extensive damage and delays in planning, Frans believes a jealous rival wants to sabotage his granddaughter. All he has to do is stop and the head of the household lifts from his chair to get the bad guy out like the real Clint Eastwood. However, on the Eve of the Cross, the cause of all the mischief seems to lie in a very abrupt corner… When cyclocross threatens to turn into a real fight, (almost) all of the Van As team unite in an effort to defeat fate in time and save the honor of the company and family.

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The screenplay is written by Johann Hesselmanns, directed by Dirk Thies and Thomas de Kock. Thomas previously directed the series “David”, three seasons of “De Zonen van Van As” and “Gina en Chantal”. “The Sons of Van As – De Cross” is a production of RV Productions.

The film is slated to be released in Belgian cinemas from December 7.

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