Zac Efron is almost unrecognizable in new movie: ‘The harshest conditions ever’

American actor Zac Efron (34) looks almost unrecognizable in his new movie He went† The actor shows some photos on Instagram.

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Saying Zac Efron sounds different from his High School MusicalPeriod is an understatement. At the time he was still a good teenager, but in the meantime Efron had grown into a versatile actor. This is also noticeable in the photos he posts on Instagram of his new movie.

“This shoot was brutal,” Efron wrote in the video he shared. The actor looks filthy, has scars and pimples on his face and also has a beard.

In his new movie Gold, Efron will play a desert wanderer who finds a giant gold nugget. He guards the gold while his partner searches for a material to take the seal home.

The movie is said to have been shot in the desert in Australia. The crew also experienced severe sandstorms, which were eventually also included in the film. “We filmed in the harshest conditions I have ever experienced in my life. It showed a lot of solidarity and teamwork from the crew and our production. It was really fun.”

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