This is how intuition is reliable according to science

When faced with a difficult choice, there is often no choice but to look at us Gut feeling To listen. But how reliable is this intuition? Especially when your feelings are underdeveloped, it is difficult to listen to them. However, according to scientists, it is a strong indicator.

That's how reliable your intuition is

Everyone has one Inner voiceBut with some people this is heard more often than with others. Listening to her when you have to make choices can be very difficult. However, according to scholars Ab Dijksterhuiswho published the book in 2007 Intelligent subconscious mind He wrote about it, it is smart to rely more on this voice. According to him, this is the best way we have to make quick decisions.

In addition to intuition, there is sane System: We cognitively list advantages and disadvantages based on the knowledge we have. This is also a reliable way to make decisions and choices, but this is not always the case maybe To work with this. Dijksterhuis: “Sometimes you don't have enough information to make such a list, and then it's important to rely on your intuition with the knowledge you have.”

This intuition quickly collects all available information and sends a summary of it to the brain. “Then it's up to the brain to make the decision consideration To clarify: Do you go right or left, do you trust this person or not? The professor explains.

Using intuition in stressful situations

We also call intuition a gut feeling, but it manifests itself in many places body. Signs can also be increased heart rate, shaky knees, or chills. According to Dijksterhuis, this is often accompanied by: overwrought Situations. A firefighter feels it in his gut when he has to leave a burning house and a person searching for a house feels signals in his body when a house does not suit him.

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But although we often apply this intuition in these types of stressful situations, according to Dijksterhuis, this inner voice can also help us. positive Tells. “If you are having a conversation with someone or looking for a new colleague, your gut feeling can also send good signals. Then you feel comfortable with someone and your mind tells you that this person is trustworthy,” says the professor.

We all have this knowledge of people naturally, but Dijksterhuis emphasizes that intuition can become stronger in other situations knowledge. “Clearly, the world's gut feeling tells us more about the pandemic than the intuition of someone with less knowledge about the subject.”

Although it's a nice system, it's not intuitive Flawless. The feeling can sometimes be wrong, but according to Dijksterhuis, this regularly only happens when you experience mental complaints: “We know that your gut feeling is less healthy when you are very anxious or suffering from depression. The tension in your body makes the feeling less reliable in those the moment.

Therefore, intuition can be disturbed by heavy emotional processes, but in all other cases, as far as science is concerned, it is better to listen to this voice. He listens. Dijksterhuis: “It's the best selection system we have.”

This way you learn to trust your intuition again when your heart breaks

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