Epic will build its own Epic Games Store: here are the details

Three years after Apple suspended Epic Games' developer account, there's good news for Fortnite fans. The game returns to the Epic Games Store. More details are gradually emerging.

After years of wrangling, Apple and Epic will have to move forward together. Apple was forced to return the developer account to Epic under pressure from the European Union and the gaming company now plans to open its own Epic Games Store on iOS and Android. Epic plans to open its own Epic Games Store for iOS and Android in the European Union. This makes it possible to bring Fortnite and other games back to iPhone and iPad.

Following the news that the European Union has decided that the iPad and iPadOS are the gatekeeper, Fortnite developer Epic Games has announced that the game will also be returning to the iPad. Earlier this year, the company announced that Fortnite would be returning to iPhone via the Epic Games Store. This will be an alternative app marketplace, so Fortnite won't appear in the regular app store.

The Epic Games Store is also coming to iPad, later this year. An iPhone version is also still scheduled to be released “soon.”

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Epic has revealed some details about the upcoming Epic Games Store, which will launch in the European Union. This happened during the Game Developers Conference. The Epic Games Store should be up and running by the end of 2024. Third-party developers also have the option to showcase their games via the Epic Games Store. Terms are the same as the Epic Games Store on PC. For example, the company will charge a 12% commission on all sales through the Epic Games Store. For the first six months, developers can keep all the income themselves, after which they will have to pay.

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“Mobile developers benefit from the same fair terms as in PC EGS: revenue share 88/12,” ​​the company explained to the public. “Developers pay Epic nothing to distribute free apps. If developers offer in-app purchases, they can choose to either use our payment processing system with an 88/12 revenue share or use a third-party payment processor and keep 100% of that revenue, absolutely As they do now.

This means the costs aren't much different from Apple: small developers pay a 10% commission plus 3% if they want to use Apple's payment system. The biggest difference with Epic is that developers can also choose to handle their in-app payments themselves.

That went so fast! Apple has changed course and reactivated the Epic developer account. Epic has promised not to violate the App Store rules and Apple's DMA policy. Apple said in a statement:

After discussions with Epic, they agreed to follow the rules, including us [Digital Markets Act] Policy. As a result, Epic Switzerland AB was allowed to re-sign the Developer Agreement and was accepted into the Apple Developer Program.

Epic also confirms that the account is available again and that it will be used to set up a third-party app store in the EU.

This was Epic's statement:

Apple has told us and committed to the European Commission that it will reinstate our developer account. This is a strong signal to developers that the European Commission will move quickly to enforce the law on digital markets and hold gatekeepers accountable. We are continuing as planned to launch the Epic Games Store and bring Fortnite back to iOS in Europe. And now on!

Epic immediately contacted the EU after the developer account was disconnected. An EU official indicated that such matters would be given priority.

It seems that Epic games aren't that fast after all You can start with your own app store. Apple has an Epic Games Switzerland developer account Was excluded or taken. According to Apple, Epic Games Can't be trustedAccording to correspondence with Phil Schiller. The reason could be one Angry message Who CEO Sweeney has gone to Sweeney responded immediately, but that was “inadequate and implausible,” according to Apple. Epic has notified the European Commission and they have now done so Clarification from Apple Requested. We await further developments.

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Below you can read our previous article dated February 17, 2024.

Own the Epic Games Store

The arrival of the Epic Games Store is a result of new regulations in the European Union. This allows providers to open their own app store using their own payment method. Apple suspended Epic Games' developer account in August 2020 after the company violated several App Store rules. A legal battle ensued that lasted for years. Apple also wanted to remove the developer account for the Unreal Engine, but a judge stopped that. It will have harmful consequences for users, because many games rely on this engine.

It was previously clear that Fortnite would be coming to iPhone again via the Epic Games Store.

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Now that the Digital Markets Act will soon take effect in the European Union, Apple can no longer stand in its way. in advertisement “We have received our Apple Developer Account and will soon begin developing the Epic Games Store on iOS thanks to the new Digital Marketplaces Act,” Epic Games says. The plan is to start its own marketplace for apps in 2024. The Epic Games Store and Fortnite mobile app will launch in Europe from Sweden exploitedThe company has three game studios and more than sixty employees. The exact date for the return of the game has not yet been announced.

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By the way, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney is still not entirely satisfied with the way things are going. He describes Apple's opening up to third-party app stores as “more garbage” and “a new horror show.” It is believed that Apple is trying to adhere to the rules in a roundabout, and in fact, harmful way. The result of these changes is that Apple will likely receive less money from developers because it can no longer prevent them from directing users to third-party payment solutions. Apple hopes it can charge 50 cents per install for apps that account for more than 1 million installs a year.

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