Jordan and Egypt: Hamas cannot be eliminated, and the Israeli occupation is causing conflict

Jordan and Egypt: Hamas cannot be eliminated, and the Israeli occupation is causing conflict

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas cannot be eliminated by the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip that has been ongoing for more than six months.

This was stated by the foreign ministers of Jordan and Egypt on Monday during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Saudi Arabia.

According to Jordanian Minister Ayman Safadi, Hamas is “an idea that cannot be eliminated.” He pointed out that the conflict did not begin with the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023, but rather with “70 years of Israeli occupation that refused to recognize the rights of the Palestinians.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue the genocidal offensive until Hamas is destroyed. Nearly 34,500 Palestinians were killed and 78,000 injured. Large parts of Gaza were turned into rubble, and 85% of the population was displaced. Israel is accused of committing genocide before the International Court of Justice.

Egyptian Minister Sameh Shoukry said that Hamas leaders are ready to abandon armed resistance “if there is a clear commitment to establishing a Palestinian state.” He stressed that resistance to occupation is legitimate under international law. He called for creating conditions for Hamas to become a partner in the political process.

The two ministers called for peace based on the two-state solution. Al-Safadi said that Israel must declare its commitment to a just and comprehensive peace, but “it is clear that Netanyahu does not want peace.”

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