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Apparently it was too hot under his feet

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Glenn Schofield gave an insight into the development process of the Callisto Protocol on Twitter. Moments later, Striking Removed Distance Studios founder because it sounded so forcefully that he was championing a crisis culture.

“I’m only talking about the game during the events,” the tweet read. “We work six or seven days a week, no one is forcing us. We are exhausted, tired, hungry, but we are working.” [..] days from 12-15 hours. This is play. hard work. Work during lunch or dinner. You do it because you love it.” This refers to the development of the horror game The Callisto Protocol.

A Bloomberg journalist reacted angrily to Scofield’s tweet. “This, from the studio head, is the definition of crisis culture. Of course no one is ‘forced’ to work crazy hours. But imagine discounted bonuses and less chance for promotions if you don’t,” he says. I know.

“You do it because you love him.” Armed passion That’s why games burn people. [..] What a strange coincidence that a man who brags about six to seven days a week, 12 to 15 hours a day, is the one who sets salaries and titles[and determines whether you keep your job,” he adds, and then calls the studio to report to him[enbepaaltofjejebaanhoudt]voegthijeraantoewaarnahijmedewerkersvandestchudio[ويحددماإذاكنتستحتفظبوظيفتك”،يضيف،وبعدذلكيناديالاستوديولتقديمتقريرله[enbepaaltofjejebaanhoudt”voegthijeraantoewaarnahijmedewerkersvandestudiooproeptomzichbijhemtemelden

Schofield responded to the allegations via Twitter. “Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about the people I work with. Earlier, I tweeted how proud I am of the effort and hours put in by my team. This was a mistake. We appreciate the passion and creativity, not the long hours. I’m sorry for the team if it came this way.”

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