It’s all over between the Pope and the Knights of Malta: what’s going on there?

Today, the Knights of Malta does not own any territory, but it does have functional sovereignty. There are, for example, its national anthem (Ave Crux Alba), a public holiday (June 24, the Feast of John the Baptist), a coin (scudo, minted only for collectors), and its own postage stamps (with limited regional validity). ). Also famous is the Maltese cross, which is a white cross with eight points on a red background.

The order also issues his own diplomatic passports. There are diplomatic relations with more than 100 countries and the representation of, among others, the European Union and the United Nations, although they are not full members. They also maintain contacts with international organizations such as the Red Cross.

What is the Knights of Malta involved in? Their mission is based on two pillars: on the one hand “the active experience and strengthening of the Christian faith”, and on the other hand “the care of the poor and needy in society wherever it is in the world”. The latter is the most important task. The organization is active in dozens of countries in the field of charitable works, health care and emergency aid in case of disasters and wars. Over the centuries, an extensive diplomatic and humanitarian network has been developed, enabling them to provide assistance even in difficult and remote areas.

Many countries have their own department, but there is a separate organization for emergency aid and reconstruction, Malteser International. In it, 20 national departments of the organization gather their expertise on international aid.

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