1975 to the Netherlands in February 2023

1975 is coming back to the Netherlands in 2023! It features lead actor Matthew Healy in a Interview With NPO 3FM. The event should take place in February.

3FM DJ Andres asks Healy where Amsterdam is on their tour list, to which he replies: “I think it’s February.”

The 1975 singer says a European tour is planned for February and early March 2023. The Netherlands is in between. The exact location is still unclear.

Zico or AFAS?

In 2020, the band will actually play the Zico Dome for the release of their fourth album Remarks in conditional form. Due to covid, the concert was canceled several times Moved, including AFAS Live “due to production reasons”. Ultimately, the show was canceled altogether.

A new show is also expected to take place in one of those two venues.

Fifth record

1975 is preparing to release its fifth album Having fun in a foreign language On October 14. The first singles are already out. Bon Iver-esque Part of the band Doing remarkably well in the alternative indie scene, recent ‘Happiness’ is a return to the band’s more popular poppy sound. The most recent record appeared last Friday: ‘I love you’.

The British band is also one of the headliners at the UK’s two biggest festivals, Reading & Leeds, at the end of August. They were booked as a last-minute replacement for Rage Against the Machine after singer Zac de la Rocha injured his leg.

Festivals in 2023

Over the next few months, The 1975 will tour America; In January it’s the United Kingdom’s turn. And then Europe! Make sure you get it The new iPhone 14 At the right time, you want to catch this show.

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The band is a major contender for festivals in the summer of 2023. In 2019, there was the pop group Pinkpop and Rock Verktor in the afternoon.

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