The first cargo with grain leaves Odessa after the grain agreement with Russia

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

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The first ship carrying Ukrainian grain left the port of Odessa after the agreement with Russia. Turkey and Ukraine report that. The ship will carry more than 26,000 tons of maize to Istanbul, from where it will continue to Lebanon. There the ship is unloaded. The Sierra Leonean-flagged vessel Razoni is said to have left this morning.

Several ships will leave Odessa port soon, the Turkish ministry wrote in a statement, but did not specify numbers or dates. According to Ukraine, 16 ships are waiting to depart in Odesa region.

A week and a half ago, Ukraine and Russia signed an agreement with the United Nations and Turkey on the export of grain from Ukraine. Ships could not leave the port of Odessa due to sea mines in the Black Sea and ships being attacked. Both countries have an agreement on how to safely navigate ships through the sea.


Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of grain, corn and sunflower oil. Until the Russian invasion, exports were mostly by sea. Quantities sent by road and rail are smaller than those sent by rail. The freeze on grain exports has sent food prices skyrocketing and threatened famine in parts of Africa.

A UN-led coordination center has been set up in Istanbul. There, Ukrainian and Russian grain ships inspect the contents to prevent the trade route from being used to import weapons. The contract is initially for four months.

Attacks on ports

Despite the grain deal, Russia continues to attack Ukrainian ports. Within 24 hours of the agreement, the port of Odessa was hit by missiles. The port city of Mykolaiv also continues to be attacked. Yesterday, the owner of one of Ukraine’s largest grain companies was killed in a bombing.

The attacks were seen internationally as a move to sabotage grain exports. Insurers are therefore reluctant to insure merchant ships bound for Ukraine. United Kingdom He says he wants to help While taking insurance for the concerned companies.

Mykolive was again hit by attacks last night, including one at a hospital. Kharkov was attacked again. At least two people were injured.

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