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Photo by Stuart McFarlane / Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Said Troy Deaney Run on TalkSPORT (11/11/20 6:40 pm) Arsenal star Mesut Ozil are the first five players he has met in his career.

Comparing the Watford striker playmaker to ‘a stranger’ is what he wants about the Arsenal man, he sees things ‘differently’ on the pitch.

Well, Ozil did not say anything on the pitch, this time, because he was completely snatched away by his current manager Michael Arteta.

Your most important international statistic

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Your most important international statistic




Deaney was asked to name five of the best players he has faced in his career, and he did not hesitate to add Ozil to his list.

“Is this a joke,” host Adrian Durham asked when Deaney picked Osila out of his top 5 best players.

“Why are you doing that?” Asked Dini. “Question‘ There were times when you were like ‘the best players I’ve ever played against’ and in the games he played against us you were like ‘this guy is a stranger’.

“She is OK. Absurd is good. Probably a few years ago now, he hasn’t played since he played ?! I think he is very talented. I like people who can see the game differently. They are not only talented with the ball. But they can also see other racers. They make people better.

“In games, we played against Arsenal. Of course, in the 17/18 season, he’s great. He’s very talented.

Photo by Stuart McFarlane / Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Arsenal fans who speak of ‘the most talented’ footballer Deane will think he should be on that pitch now.

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But even with the German World Cup winner in his 25-man squad, with creativity unclear, Artetta has made the ruthless decision that the German World Cup winner is not enough.

On the one hand, some may feel that the player who tore it up many years ago is no more, while others will argue that Arsenal can do no worse in picking up Ossell compared to things they already own or already show.

In other news, Arsenal fans are responding to Cadell’s Sergeant’s performance tonight

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