The foreign minister is wrong: after all there is no compensation for the repatriation of Ukrainians | the interior

On Tuesday afternoon, Van der Burgh said in the lower house that he is consulting with the Minister of Social Affairs about “expenditure provisions for people who incur costs, for example because they receive people”. He later added to De Telegraaf newspaper that it was “reasonable” to offer such compensation. A decision on the amount will be made later this week.

“confusion of speech”

At the beginning of the evening, a spokesperson for Van der Burgh reported that the statements were incorrect. It would be “confusion of tongues” with the Secretary of State. “These issues affect many different departments, only we later learned from the Ministry of Social Affairs that this information is incorrect,” the spokesperson said.

Ukrainian refugees who end up in the Netherlands can count on living money, the spokesperson says now. “They can also use this living money to pay compensation to their host families.” It is likely that the Cabinet will make a decision this week on the standard of living allowance for every Ukrainian.

In the UK, residents can claim compensation if they take Ukrainians home. Britons who take in a Ukrainian refugee receive 350 pounds (415 euros) a month.

Building confiscation

Currently, municipalities have arranged about 21,000 reception places for Ukrainian refugees. That should rise to 50,000 in the near future. Van der Burg: “Security districts provide supplies en masse, and they do it really well.” It takes into account that in the long run more reception places will be needed. “So you’re talking, for example, about converting empty office buildings.”

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The Secretary of State indicated that it might also become necessary to confiscate the premises. Hubert Burls, the head of the Security Council and the mayor of Nijmegen, suggested last weekend that the buildings could be confiscated. “At some point we may choose to apply laws that you don’t normally apply,” van der Burgh says. “We are preparing all the scenarios, but the confiscation of the buildings has not been raised on the agenda yet,” he added.

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