KLM offers more neutral forms of addresses for reservations

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KLM customers who prefer to be addressed in a different manner than the usual male or female may choose a more neutral form of address on their booking. The airline finds that this need often exists among some customers.

KLM will initially offer this option in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. For customers who book their ticket there, it is now possible to indicate that they identify themselves as non-binary. Customers can also request that the address format be completely omitted and that they be addressed by name only.

If the title shape cannot be completely omitted, the letter X is chosen for this group. Choosing more neutral forms of addresses is possible only for adults.

KLM joins partners such as American Delta Air Lines and British Virgin Atlantic, where since last year it has also become possible to choose other forms of contact in the booking process. According to the airline, this is also in line with IATA trade union policy.

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