The French ambassador returns to Washington after the American University in Kosovo conflict

French President Emmanuel Macron (R) summoned Ambassador Philippe Etienne on 17 September. © AFP

The French ambassador to the United States returned to Washington on Wednesday, two weeks after a diplomatic crisis erupted between the two countries.

Source: Belgian

The embassy reported that Philippe Etienne landed at an airport in the US capital on Wednesday afternoon. French President Emmanuel Macron recalled the ambassador on 17 September.

Macron is angered by the AUKUS security agreement between the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, which canceled the purchase of French submarines worth more than 30 billion euros. The French Foreign Minister spoke of a “dagger in the back”. During a phone conversation between Macron and US President Joe Biden, the folds were settled, after which the return of the ambassador was announced.

The French ambassador to Australia has also been recalled and has not yet returned to his post.

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