The French gendarmerie stops the rave party in Brittany with 1500 people: one of the party-goers loses his hand

According to the county, revelers attempted to organize a rave party at Redon Racecourse. The governor said 1,500 people gathered to commemorate Steve Maya Kaneko, who died two years ago in Nantes, during a music festival. Then he fell into the Loire River during the intervention of the police.

The National Gendarmerie Forces confirmed in a tweet on Twitter that an operation began after an attempt to hold a festival, saying that “more than 400 gendarmes were summoned” to stop the unrest.

According to the authorities, the security forces then encountered very violent individuals, who threw Molotov cocktails, Betanek balls and cement blocks.

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“Several casualties were counted on both sides. They are being cared for by the emergency services and civil defense who were sent by the governor to the scene,” the county said in a tweet. “There has been no music since last night (Friday evening, editor).” People will still be present on Saturday morning.

Five members of the French gendarmerie were injured during the intervention. Two of them were taken to Redon Hospital. Party-goers were also injured. One of them has dire consequences. The governorate stated that “a young celebrant, aged 22, lost his hand.”

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