These are the five nutritional priorities for a longer, healthy life

The food pyramid is already well established in the general public, but do you already know the food branch? This science-based model provides simple guidelines for a balanced diet by focusing on 5 nutritional priorities that can help you achieve the maximum number of years of healthy living.

Everyone is convinced that a balanced diet is a prerequisite for a long and healthy life. But how do you do that? Internet search engines offer tips: Less red meat, no gluten or lactose, no sugars, more organic foods, beneficial superfoods, … but did you know that the biggest gain in years of life can be achieved simply by including grains Full (bread, pasta, rice…) to eat? ‘steam Biaform en Provital family bakers, which specializes in whole-grain bread and supermarket protein, tells us more about that.

food branch

from Publication of the Supreme Health Council Food-Based Dietary Guidelines With a new information form: Food Branch. This scientifically backed model focuses on five nutritional priorities (or product groups) with which you can maximize the number of years of healthy living. The larger the leaf branch, the greater the impact on general public health. In short, the food branch categorizes the five food priorities with The greatest health benefits for adults.

Food in Action developed the tool with High School Leonardo da VinciAccording to the new recommendations of the Supreme Health Council. It is the first model to benefit from federal and regional support.

The five food priorities of the food branch:

1. Eat at least 125 grams of whole grains daily (the equivalent of 4 slices of whole wheat bread) and replace refined grains with whole grains.

2. Eat 250 grams of fruit every day, preferably fresh fruit, and eat 300 grams of vegetables every day, choosing variety and giving preference to seasonal products.

3. Eat legumes at least once a week.

4. Eat 15 to 25 grams of unsalted, unsweetened nuts or seeds daily.

5. Reduce salt intake.

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Food branch and – more famous – Pyramid diet They complement each other. The big difference between the two models is that the food pyramid pours the different food groups into an ideal daily diet with attention to balanced proportions. The Nutrition branch visualizes the recommendations of the nutrition pyramid in a simple way that is not unimportant. Nathalie Siccard from The Whole Wheat Bakery Batropa Family Bakers (From the well-known healthy bread Beaform In ProteinProdin Provital): “Instead of including all food products, the food sector focuses only on the top five nutritional priorities to eat better and live longer.” The five product groups in the branch tell us where the biggest health benefits can be achieved: Eat more Whole wheat cerealFruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and limit salt intake. With these recommendations you can get started quickly.

Natalie adds: “The highest priority of the Supreme Health Council is to increase the intake of whole grain products, because biggest profit Good years of life. This is why the Whole Grain Products paper is in the first place and is the largest leaf in the branch. “In 2019, scientists linked low consumption of whole grains and fiber to a loss of years of life in good shape. Importantly, the loss is 16 times higher than the loss caused by excessive consumption of red meat.

the messageSometimes the biggest health gain is in simplicity. The Nutrition branch gives you a working foundation for creating a balanced diet. The food pyramid and the food triangle remain educationally valuable models of a general approach to nutrition. The food branch in turn introduces an additive and complementary approach, more specifically by formulating recommendations.

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