The funny reason why King Charles was sent underwear

In the United Kingdom, it has long been customary for schoolchildren to send underwear to the head of state. This relates to a children’s book published in 1994 entitled Queen knickers. In this book someone asks if Queen Elizabeth had special underwear for every occasion.

The book is used by many schools to explain to young children exactly what the Queen does for the country. Now that the crown had been handed over to Charles, a new edition of the book was published entitled King’s pants.

Recently, students of a primary school decided to break this tradition again and sent the king a series of underwear. Their surprise was great when, not long after, they received a thank you note from Charles and Camilla, who expressed their gratitude for the “kind” gesture.

According to Nicholas Allan, author of the books, Elizabeth was always able to laugh about underwear. “I am very happy that the tradition of sending underwear to the king continues.”

While the children respond enthusiastically to Charles’ thank you note, he is not always enthusiastically received everywhere. This video proves it again:

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