The Google Chat web app just gets a little nicer with new materials you design

It was the last to work, but there is a difference: Google’s web chat will be populated with the materials you design. Drive, Gmail, and Office were already there, but now Google Chat also looks like the new Material You design introduced on the Pixel phones.

material you

Material design has been around for a long time: Google announced the design language in 2014 and it was used for the first time in Android 12. Since then, Google is introducing more and more of its products with this new design. Of course Pixel phones but also Office software and more.

The new design means that a different font is used and there are other window colors, layouts, and options. Google He writes: “This update builds on Google’s Material Design 3. Specifically, you’ll see changes to the top app bar, left navigation, home message display, compose settings, a new topic button, and a dialog inside messages and direct spaces.”

Google chat

The background is light blue and above that the conversation remains white. You can search in the pill-shaped search field at the top. Don’t you see her yet? That may be true. Fortunately, this new look is rolling out widely (both to Google Workspace customers and G Suite Basic/Business users, as well as people with a personal Google Account). But it will take some time: it will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

There are a lot of changes for people who use Google for business. For example, it was announced yesterday that Google Currents will be discontinued (on July 5), even though people are supposed to use spaces within Google Chat, because 8,000 people can join the same meeting at the same time. Soon you will also be able to create some kind of advertising channel in it.

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Google chat

Google chat

What is google chat? Google calls chat, a smart and secure communication tool for teams. The first app was only for business users of G..

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Do you already have the new material you’re creating in Google Chat, or do you never use this functionality? Leave it now in the comments.

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