The Great GeenStijl20 Music selection at Quinta

Lovely Moby Bob Dylan while playing shuffleboard

You know that by now, but last week our editors spent a few days in Arturitoland rocking a medronho with a Super Bock and then (also) it’s a lot about the music. Hottest (and legally binding for dupes): The Kinks are better than The Beatles, and The Kinks are better than the Rolling Stones, too. We won’t name names, Arthur and Ari. The undersigned are still seeking a compromise with The Doors, but nope, stubborn: “ContractAnother talking point:Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings. Also heard on Kenta:You are always with your left! The right country is much better than the left country.” And the: “Your Tears by Gerard van Maasakkers is the enhanced version of Voir un ami pleurer.” And the: “Sjakie van de Hoek is perhaps the best song ever. will die. Do you sometimes have a heart of stone??” And the: “So I really like counting crows. ”

Well, anyone can freely request music or put it in a playlist, and this playlist has been kept. Reverse chronological order!

Saturday night/evening from late to early

Friday night/evening from late to early

Friday afternoon/morning

Thursday night

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