Bad news for 1 million Belgians suffering from hay fever: grass pollen season begins | internal

Grass pollen season has begun, online weather platform Meteovista reported today. The first grasses bloom gradually, increasing the risk of hay fever for the nearly one million Belgians who are allergic to grass pollen. Flowering birch trees also cause many complaints. About half a million Belgians suffer from this.

Grass pollen season is now gradually starting and this is very common. The first types of grass, such as the great foxtail, are beginning to multiply and the highly sensitive pollen in the grass can cause more and more complaints of hay fever. The peak period of the grass pollen season usually occurs in the second half of May and June, and most people suffer from complaints. If it remains cold in the near future, the peak period can begin a little later.

Those who (just) have a birch pollen allergy will suffer from the inconvenience for a few more weeks. By the middle of May, the tree pollen season is over and people who only suffer from tree pollen can breathe a sigh of relief. Other tree species, such as ash and willow, also still flower, but the pollen from these trees is only slightly allergenic and causes complaints of hay fever in a few people.

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Showers and cool temperatures limit the inconvenience

Weather plays an important role in the extent of vulnerability. At the beginning of this week it is cool for that time of the year with a maximum of 9-13 degrees. This prevents the grass from growing and flowering, so the amount of pollen that ends up in the air is still limited. Sometimes a shower passes over this clean air. However, there will also be prolonged droughts during which complaints may arise. The showers also included moist soil, allowing the grass to grow and thrive well.

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Later in the week it seems to be slowly getting less cold, but this is still uncertain. As it gets warmer, grass growth and flowering will accelerate. Then the risk of hay fever increases.

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