The High Health Council advises Astrogeneka for this …

The High Health Council is advising various health ministers to now use the astrogenic vaccine for people over 55 years of age. This is clear from the advice of the self-help group, VTM News reported. In addition, the body suggests more time between the first and second dose. However, according to the advice, it is not a good idea to skip the second dose.

Due to the lack of information about the effectiveness of the vaccine at that time, it was decided a few weeks ago that the elderly should not be vaccinated. But in the meantime, the results of vaccination campaigns in the United Kingdom and Israel show that the vaccine works well for the elderly.

In addition, the ministry advises ministers to leave a long gap between the two injections of Pfizer and Modern vaccines. At this time, three and four week intervals are used, respectively, according to the package leaflet. But here, too, the results of other countries show that a gap of six weeks, for example, is possible. To be sure, the Pfizer vaccine lasts 21 to 35 days in Belgium.

In this way, more or less shares should be held. For example, until now, every Pfizer vaccine distributed has been discontinued to guarantee a second injection within one second to three weeks. It will no longer be needed or too little, so more people will get their first injection in the coming weeks. With the vaccine from AstraZeneca, no role has already been taken as there are three months between the two injections anyway.

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The advice of the High Health Council now goes to the health ministers, who will meet on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. That advice is expected to be accepted. Once that is done, the vaccination team can redesign the campaign. Last Sunday, Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbrook called AstroZeneca “game changers” if it could already manage the elderly.

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