The horror film ‘Doyster’ from Antwerp tells the story of the witch executioner: ‘Our movie is crazier than The Blair Witch Project’ (Antwerp)


Antwerp horror movie dewster, about the city’s executioner of the same name, will be officially released this weekend this Halloween at the Razor Reel Film Festival in Bruges. On Sunday, the cast and crew were able to enjoy their movie at Cinema Cartoons, in the heart of Antwerp. Thomas Vanbrabant, based in Antwerp, author and co-director of dewster.

The story is really promising. Three students at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Nora (Brusselaar Maïmouna Badjie, 22), Bas (Tristan Feyten of Heist-op-den-Berg, 24) and Milan (Ghent Charles De Meester, 24), are given the task of becoming a historian.. To make a documentary. They chose the theme of Johannes Doyster, a seventeenth-century city executioner who executed witches. During the investigation, they learn bad things, not only about the past, but also about the now …

Even crazier than The Blair Witch Project

Doyster is the first Flemish clips found-movie ever. In this type, the images are displayed as if they were found somewhere. “It’s a genre that I really enjoy watching,” Vanbrabant says. “It was about to happen Flemish clips foundThe movie was going to come out, and I guess I can say our movie is even crazier than that The Blair Witch Project, one of the most popular films in this genre”, adds Jordi Auster, co-director of dewster in a.

The directors had to make something on a very tight budget, and they wanted to basically put money into the final. This final was immediately tested during testing. “How did that day go for me? I had to scream a lot,” Badji says. “I can immediately use the pressure I had before trying my character out.” Badjie can also recognize Nora. “I used to be a pusher too, maybe not as strong as she is.”

Charles de Maistre as Milan. © Thomas Vanbrabant

Maymouna come with Nora.

Maymouna come with Nora. © Thomas Vanbrabant


Badjie also played this summer situation, Play4’s web series about footballers on the streets of Antwerp. “I really love Antwerp, and instantly recognized some of the places from my time in them dewster. I also plan to move here next year. Witten and de Maistre loved the city, too. “You come across certain places that you won’t soon forget. For example, we filmed in KdG and Letterenhuis.”

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“Antwerp is actually almost a character in the movie,” Vanbrabant says. “It’s also a true story about Antwerp and of course it also helps engage Sven de Rieder,” laughs Auster.

Tristan Witten.

Tristan Witten. © Jeroen Hansler

Feedback on the movie

“We’ve only had positive feedback so far,” the directors say proudly. “Even when I asked for constructive criticism, no one could tell me anything,” Auster laughs. “We are really happy with the result, because we didn’t want it to look cheap despite the type. And we really feel like we succeeded.”

The characters’ families are excited, too. “My mom isn’t really a fan of horror,” Badji says. “During the movie, I also took my hand to make sure I was still there. She told me she thought the shots were OK, but my screams hurt her more, because she automatically associates him with me in danger.”

More horror

The movie certainly did not deter the actors. “I’d like to play horror in the future,” Witten says. Badjie and De Meester like that, too. “We especially hope that Flemish horror films will continue to be produced,” the directors say. “Jan Verheyen says Flanders is not a place to make horror movies, but I don’t believe it.” Do they have any tips for filmmakers wanting to get started with? “Just do it,” says Jordi.

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Jordi Auster and Thomas.

Jordi Auster and Thomas. © Jeroen Henseler

The world premiere will take place on Saturday, October 30th at the Razor Reel Film Festival. The film will later appear at Cartoon’s. More information about Facebook page from the movie

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