The human gameplay video showcases murky story modes – that’s what the games are

Ahead of Humanity’s imminent launch, developer THA Limited and publisher Enhance have already revealed a lot about the puzzle gameplay through extensive gameplay videos. Now, however, a new gameplay video has been released that focuses entirely on the human story mode and the puzzles it will contain.

Reportedly, Humanity’s story mode will put more emphasis on story than you’d expect from a puzzle game. Players awaken in the form of a glowing Shiba Inu, with a voice telling them to lead hordes of mindless humans towards the light. Remarkably, this sound comes from giant, floating, bright balls, entities called cores. Each core contains a series of experiences for players, and the cores together try to build humanity bit by bit.

There’s clearly a lot going on, and Story Mode will have its share of puzzles and quests. Humanity doesn’t necessarily seem like a game that wants to set itself apart any more than it already is, but Story Mode certainly looks like an attractive prospect. Watch the clip below for more details.

Humanity releases on May 16th for PS5, PS4, and PC. It will also feature support for PS VR and PS VR2 and will be available to PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers via the PS Plus Game Catalog at no additional cost.

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