The iPhone 13 might be the first with 1 TB of storage (!)

The iPhone XS was the first iPhone with a storage capacity of 512 GB in 2018. With Apple’s 2021 flagship program, you might have to work harder to fill your storage space. According to a new rumor, it has the distinction of being the most comprehensive IPhone 13 More than 1 TB of storage.

iPhone 13 with 1 TB of storage

The rumors come from John Prosser, a leak from Apple, who has the knowledge when it comes to new iPhones. at tweet He hints that we can expect an iPhone 13 (Apple might call the iPhone 12s) at 1 TB this year.

A terabyte equals 1000 GB, so you can store loads of pictures, photos, and other files for that. Now 512GB is the maximum. You can only have this option on more advanced Pro models. IPhone 12 contains 256 GB (1,279 eurosThe most comprehensive configuration.

But do you need it?

For most people, 1 TB is more than they need. Only if you shoot an unusual amount with your iPhone or shoot on it Apple ProRAWStorage capacity is something to consider.

Even so, you have to ask yourself whether expanding your iCloud storage isn’t more convenient (and cheaper). For ten euros a month, you have 2 TB of iCloud storage, which works best with a Mac.

The iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12s) won’t be the first 1 TB smartphone. I already had the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in 2019. Remarkably, this option disappeared again with the Galaxy S20 Plus, indicating that the demand for this storage capacity is not so great.

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