The Irish government expects the potato seed sector to grow despite Brexit

Tejask and Minister of Agriculture, Food and Maritime Affairs, Charlie McConnalough, have stated that Brexit is negatively affecting the quantities of seed potatoes that Irish farmers can import from the United Kingdom. However, this can also have a positive side, as it can create opportunities for new and existing seed potato growers in Ireland to expand their business as farmers try to meet all of the seed potato needs with locally grown potatoes.

Speaking about the Teagasc Seed Potato webinar, Minister McConnalough said: “I am keen to see the potato plant sector evolve and advance. The Irish potato sector is an important part of our agri-food sector and has proven to be very resilient. Brexit presents an additional challenge,” Especially in the context of seed potato. After Brexit, views were exchanged with colleagues in the United Kingdom and the European Union on the equivalence of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS), especially with regard to potato seeds. “

“These exchanges have now been strengthened and it does not seem that more steps will be taken that could facilitate the 2021 season. Sufficient plant stocks have been secured for this season. But of course the focus now is on next year and the year that follows. In terms of securing a sustainable supply of seed potatoes for our sector. the local “.

McConnalough further noted that in a post-Brexit scenario, there are opportunities to increase the supply of potato seeds grown in Ireland. “My ministry is now in talks with all relevant stakeholders to raise awareness of these issues. But this potential can only be realized if we have close cooperation among all the relevant groups.”

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According to an article in The Minister left no doubt that the ultimate goal in this regard should be to increase seed potato production in Ireland.


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