Where you can watch the UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League’s appeal is reflected in its access, with partners in Europe and around the world in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, the Middle East, Oceania and beyond.

Fans can see their local UEFA Champions League broadcast partners below.

Where to look: Broadcast partners


Albania: TringAnd this Vision Plus
Andorra: RMC Games
Armenia: Armenia TV
Austria: DawsonAnd this Sky Austria
Azerbaijan: சரண்And this CBC GamesAnd this OSTV
Belarus: Belarusian TV
Belgium: ProximusAnd this R.D.L.And this Question 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Arena gameAnd this Nova Ph.D.
Bulgaria: A1And this PTV Media Team
Croatia: HRTAnd this A1 Croatia
Cyprus: Sita
Czech Republic: Question 2And this Czech television
Denmark: Vyasat Denmark
Estonia: TV 3 game
Finland: MTV
France: RMC GamesAnd this Media Pro
Georgia: Silk game
Germany: Sky GermanyAnd this Dawson
Greece: Cosmode TV
Iceland: Study 2 Game
Republic of Ireland: Virgin MediaAnd this RTE
Israel: Game Channel
Italy: MediaSetAnd this Sky Italy
Kazakhstan: GZ Games
Kosovo: Memory
TV 3 game
TV 3 game
R.D.L.And this RMC Games
Malta: MelidaAnd this TV show
GMG / Prime TV
Monaco: RMC Games
Black Mountain: Sports AssociationAnd this Arena game
Holland: Gigo gameAnd this Mole TV
Northern Macedonia:
Arena game
Norway: TV2 NorwayAnd this Nint Group
DVDAnd this Polsat TV
Portugal: Eleven games And this TVI
Romania: Digi gameAnd this Watch TVAnd this Telecommunication game
TV competition
San Marino: Sky Italy
Serbia: R.D.S.And this Arena game
Slovakia: Orange game
Slovenia: Pro Plus
Sweden: Nint Group
Switzerland: Blue +, S.R.G.
Being in sports
Ukraine: I want a TVAnd this MGU
United Kingdom: PD game
Vatican City: Sky Italy

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Africa and the Middle East

Nigeria: Excellent game
South Africa: Excellent game
Madagascar: Channel +
Mauritius: Channel +
Mena: Being in sports
Other parts of Africa: Channel +And this Excellent game

United States

Brazil: Interactive gameAnd this Social networking site Facebook
Canada: Dawson
Caribbean: Fox SportsAnd this ESPNAnd this Flow Sports And this Sports
Central America: Social networking site FacebookAnd this Fox SportsAnd this ESPN
Haiti: Channel +
Latin America (except Brazil): Social networking site FacebookAnd this Fox SportsAnd this ESPN
United States: All access to CBSAnd this TUDN GAME

Asia and the Pacific

Australia: Optus game
Brunei: Being in sports
Cambodia: UEFA.tv
People’s Republic of China: Game PBAnd this Hide
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Being in sports And this iCableAnd this P.C.C.W.And this DVD
India: Sony Ten
Indian subcontinent: Sony Ten 2/3
Indonesia: SCTV
Japan: Wow
Kyrgyzstan:Consulting, QSport
Laos: UEFA.tv
Macau Special Administrative Region:
DTM game
Malaysia: Being in sports
Mongolia: பஹா, S.P.S.
Myanmar: S Media
New Zealand: Sky NZ
Pacific Islands: Digital
Philippines: UEFA.tv
Being in sports
Solomon Islands: DTV Solomon
South Korea: SPO TV
Taiwan / Chinese Taipei:
Elda TV
Tajikistan: Consulting, Worsche
Thailand: UEFA.tv
Charan, Turkmenistan Game
Uzbekistan: Consulting, Osreport
Vietnam: VSTV (K +)

Game 24 It has the rights to broadcast on and off the ship.

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