The man constantly sends death threats to his ex-girlfriend (Turnhout)

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On Tuesday, a public prosecutor sought to detain a man who had abused and threatened his ex-girlfriend in Turnhouse court. The woman lives in the UK, but the man continues to find ways to find her. He threatened her physically when she arrived in Belgium for questioning.

The YP and the victim met each other through the internet. The man had come to the United Kingdom and they lived together for a short time, but that relationship soon ended and he left for Belgium. “Since then he has started chasing and threatening her with phone calls and messages. The woman’s daughter has been intimidated,” said the victim’s lawyer. P. continued to send death threats.

“In a voice message he said how he would hide in a container in France to go to the UK. The man has always denied the facts. He said they had nothing to do with this and that they were ‘well accustomed’. Did.The public prosecutor’s office is also advancing on the suspension.P attorney argued that the man had autism and therefore did not function in a relationship.He did not request additional detention.

Judgment on March 2nd.

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