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The vaccination center in Mullenhoek is ready for service. The hall will be operating to full capacity from February 15th. “More than 200 non-medical volunteers have been registered,” says first local council member Pete de Groot. More than a thousand residents of Knokke-Heist have already received the vaccine.

In the coming weeks, all procedures will be tested until the vaccination center is fully operational on February 15th. © MM

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The Molenhoek Sports Center in Westkapelle has been completely converted into a four-line vaccination center according to guidelines imposed by the Flemish Agency for Health and Health and the Primary Care District on the East Coast. To ensure that digital recordings play smoothly, additional computer lines and WiFi connections have been realized. An emergency generator is also provided to ensure that vaccines are cooled in the event of a power outage. Call center and transportation for people less mobile, there will be a private call center and a separate web page where everyone can go with questions. In cooperation with De Lijn, the less mobile hub and local taxi companies, a transportation plan is also being drawn up to quickly transport people with reduced mobility to Molenhoek and then bring them home. “The necessary agreements have yet to be made about the operational organization and the details. Although the center can be reached quickly and easily anyway,” says the first ships Piet De Groote. Tested and fully operational from February 15, all procedures will be tested in the coming weeks until the vaccination center is fully operational on February 15th. The actual start date depends on the delivery of vaccines. In the first phase, the vaccination center will open 7 days a week for those over 65 years from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Currently, 200 non-medical candidates have already registered at Molenhoek who wish to register voluntarily. Or an administrative assistant. This number is more than enough to keep everything running smoothly in the coming months. (Mm)

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