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Earlier this year, the Minister of Education, Science and Culture, Mary Levins, noted in her speech while the budget debate continued at the Assembly that the recovery plan would provide light in the tunnel for students and pupils. The minister indicated that school transportation will become free and that more than 80 million Saudi riyals have been provided for this purpose. 40,000 pupils and students will be able to use free school transportation.

The new school year will start in mid-October.

Free bus transportation at the moment only for Paramaribo and Anika

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture informs the editors of the Dagblad Suriname in response:

“A simple system is temporarily being prepared for bus tickets at the end of October. Therefore, transportation can be free. Negotiations with bus organizations still need to be conducted. In February we want to get an electronic card. Exactly what it will look like will be examined in more detail. Free transportation The bus that is currently being worked on is intended for Paramaribo and Wanica. The Department of Transportation of the Ministry already provides school transportation throughout the country. Registration has already started.”

Students from different regions pay 7.50 Saudi riyals for the quarterly subscription. The system that is currently being worked on is separate from registration in the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Parents must register their children. Registration will be done online and also through schools once you start. Registration will follow soon. Free school transportation will save parents and be safer for school children.”

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